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Welcome to Creative Vets! This is the first post on the Creative Vets blog, and with that I’d like to take the time to explain exactly what you will find on our website and what you can come to expect.

First and foremost, this website is dedicated to military veterans. I am a veteran myself, and when I got out of the military I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I was able to go through all the regular separation stuff like TAP (Transition Assistance Program). I had a VA rep. I even looked a bunch of stuff up online to prepare myself before going through these things. I visited websites like GI Jobs to see what companies hired a lot of veterans, and to check out my education options.

I was able to secure a job as a government contractor before separating, though not in the state I separated from the military in (North Carolina). I moved to Maryland for my job and eventually made my way back to North Carolina to work on another government contract. This is where I found what I really wanted to do. After selecting a degree program that was computer science focused, I decided I should have my own website to showcase my portfolio. That led me on a path to becoming a web designer and developer.

At the time I thought, 'What if all these resources were compiled in one place for veterans with similar interests?' Share on X

At the time I thought, “What if all these resources were compiled in one place for veterans with similar interests?” That was the beginning of the idea for this website. Now here it is with that exact objective.

Throughout this website you will find job search resources, resume writing resources, online learning resources, information on becoming an entrepreneur as a veteran (vetrepreneur), and additional tips and tutorials on the blog. In addition to that you will find resources specific to helping with transitioning out of the military.

So please take a look around, subscribe to the newsletter, and sign up for the website (it’s FREE!) to access additional resources and to connect with fellow veterans.