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About Creative Vets

Creative Vets was founded by Kyle Laverty, a U.S. Air Force veteran, in October of 2016. The idea behind it came about a few years prior, shortly after Kyle had just transitioned from one career to another. He previously worked on government contracts following his separation from the military, before choosing a degree to pursue and eventually deciding he should build a website to display his portfolio. This grew into something he did not expect and it quickly became a career path.

While searching for articles and websites online to help him learn how to design and develop websites, he thought it would have been great if all of these great resources were in one place for veterans to access without having to go searching for it elsewhere. In addition to that, he also found himself searching for websites specific to finding jobs for digital creatives, apart from the major job search sites out there. So the idea grew bigger until eventually Creative Vets was born.

The idea has been brewing for awhile, but it was something we needed to get right. We couldn’t just go into this quick like other project ideas we have had. This one needed time to develop, it neeeded to be thought through, and it needed the perfect design to make it happen. After a couple years of trying to get it right, the U.S. Web Design Standards became available for use. That was when we knew it was time to design this site, with the standards in mind.

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